I am Sergii Popovych, a Los Angeles based designer & front-end developer who loves creating efficient user-interfaces and innovative solutions for web and mobile products. Check out my portfolio.

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Sergii Popovych. A UX designer & front-end developer. I am based in Los Angeles. However, I design for clients globally. I bring a uniquely diverse perspective driven by seven years of experience designing across industries and platforms. I have led both design and development efforts for scores of products with clients ranging from under-funded start-ups to fortune 500 clients around the world.

I work with clients of all scope and sizes seeking front-end design services across the web, mobile, console, and TV.

I always focus my work to achieve a balance between usability, content and visuals. I make it a priority when a mandated by the client to work very closely with front-end developers and deliver a product that precisely matches the final design, specifications, and requirements of product owners.

In the last few years I designed for these brands: